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Perles illuminantes pour le visage : effet bonne mine, blush

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Raise the volume, and the temperature! The pearl blush good-looking effect, for naughty cheeks! 

We all fall for pearl blush! An iridescent pink prism that highlights the material, for a reflective effect of light; What type of makeup?

This pearl blush with multiple colors will enhance your complexion of provocative colors that will turn many heads, both on stage and in the city. Its special formula combines the best of nuanced textures.


 When applying a powder blush, use large brushes. This will allow you to make longer and more precise movements.  


If you have a  rounded face , applying the blush is very simple. It should be applied to a little less than the cheekbones, and then blurred to the temples. This technique gives a "lifted" appearance that is very beautiful on this face.

For  rather square faces , the goal is to slightly soften them. The best is to apply the blush on the cheekbones but close enough to the nose, extending it to the temples. Your cheeks will be slightly rounded and carved.

If your  face is oval , it is advisable to apply the blush starting in the middle of the cheek and then extending upward in the direction of the earlobes. This will give the impression of more width in the center of the face.

For all those who have heart-shaped faces , it is necessary to extend the cheekbones upward. For this, it is necessary to begin with the bottom of the cheeks and to make a semicircle with the blush towards the temples. This technique gives the best possible effect on a heart-shaped face. 

Perles illuminantes pour le visage : effet bonne mine, blush

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Perles illuminantes pour le visage : effet bonne mine, blush

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